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Where We Are tour — New Jersey

Brett Talbot in Teen Wolf 4x05 ”I.E.D”

cool gender neutral dating terms


1. datemate
2. kissfriend
3. lovebud
4. smoochcutie
5. romfriend (like romantic get it)
6. my person
7. favorite friend
8. the datemeister
9. commitmentbuddy
10. coolperson



→ the font used is ‘Orator std’.
→ comes with a sidebar in colours of every house .
→ two graphics required, in the example two graphics of the faceclaim were used, sizes are included in the appropriate group.
→ graphics, textures, etcetera, used in this psd are not mine and credit goes to the owners.
→ please do not redistribute as your own.
→ liking and/or reblogging would be very appreciated.

All there is to it is changing the text layers to suit your own preferences, adding your own graphics and making the group of your character’s house visible.

→ download here (mf)


AWITCHRPS makes a gradient - The Elements

↳ Wow, such a clever name for this pack, am I right? As I’m sure you guessed, these gradients are based off the four main elements, two for each element. I’m not gonna blab too much in this shocking, isn’t it but I’m sure you can figure out which ones go with which elements. If you download/use these or like them in general, then please like/reblog this post. I hope you enjoy them because I know I’m in love with the elements and please use them as you like, so long as you don’t take credit or redistribute them. Actually I will say the last two are air, because they aren’t as obvious as the others.



like yeah cool we follow each other but when are we gonna date

~serious face while somo plays in the background~

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